Dan Cummings Arts


GLASS..... What an amazing and unique medium in which to create. Of all the materials to express creativity, glass is the most versital. It reflects light as do all mediums  (couldn't see it if it didn't) but it also "refracts light". This  means it changes the direction of light that enters it. It "transmits", meaning to pass through or spread. It also pulls  the surrounding enviornment in, and then all of it's aspects become part of the piece. To me this is nothing short of magical.

  I have had the joy and privilidge of working with this medium for over 35 years. To my amazement there seems to be no end to the possabilities.

I have carved glass, fused glass, sand blasted, stained-glassed, cast glass and etched glass in Salt Lake City, Utah. After each creation the potential ideas expand exponentually. 

  My great joy in life is to create .I hope viewing my creations will also bring you joy 

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